Leadership Team

General Manager

Eric Brambani

Eric Brambani is General Manager and leader of the sales effort. With nearly 30 years experience in varying roles in the optics industry provides him with a unique perspective of the fused silica market. Combined with his customer focused approach to sales and operations he will continue to drive Dynasil Fused Silica to meet the continuing challenging requirements demanded by it’s customers.

Inside Sales & Marketing

Michael A. Orlando, Jr.

Michael Orlando Jr. is responsible for inside sales and marketing operations. His knowledge of the industry and deep familiarity with Dynasil Fused Silica's product line makes him an ideal fit to serve in his capacity as a customer liaison and for fielding RFPs. He occasionally also serves in a customer service capacity.

Operations Manager

Nick Melis

Experienced in the precious metals industry, Nick brings knowledge and skills in processing high valued materials. Joining Dynasil Corporation March ‘2023, he has made positive contributions and progress in a short time. By showing attention to improving standards, processing quality, accuracy, and open communication towards our customers. He is focused and dedicated now and in the future on continuous improvements by utilizing new tools and technologies in the photonics industry.

HR and Administration Manager

Trisha Johnson

Trisha Johnson is the HR and Administration Manager and responsible for Accounting and Human Resources. As a natural multi-tasker, she also serves as support for the sales team and operations. Trisha is a native of California who grew up in an Optics family and relocated to New Jersey in 1993 as part of the new Dynasil management team. Since then, Trisha has taken on multiple roles in sales and customer and served as Corporate Secretary, Production Processor, and Company Historian. She believes in the saying “Grow where you are planted” and fully promotes success for each employee.