Applications of Fused Silica

Pharmaceutical manufacturing operations are subject to high temperatures and corrosive chemicals. Fused silica is ideal for use in such environments as it is chemically pure, non-hygroscopic, and thermal shock resistant.

Electronics manufacturing relies on both conductive and insulating components. For the latter, fused silica offers low conductivity and low electric loss factor. 

High-temperature Applications
The thermal properties of fused silica allows it to withstand high temperatures without risk of damage or degradation. 

Many light-based systems, such as lasers, rely on optical components such as those made from fused silica to focus or separate light to perform their operations.

Optical Components
Fused silica is used in the manufacture of optical components such as lenses, mirrors, and UV and IR transmitting optics due to their ability to transmit light in the visible, ultraviolet, and infrared range.  

The purity of fused silica is essential in the manufacture of semiconductors which play a crucial role in systems used in most modern day applications.

UV Light Sanitation
UV light sanitation serves as a non-toxic alternative to disinfection. As fused silica demonstrates high thermal and radiation resistance, it is suitable for use in equipment subjected to such operations, such as semiconductor components and medical and laboratory instruments.