Founded in 1960 to provide synthetic fused silica for military radar applications, Dynasil gained national recognition as NASA acknowledged the capability of our material to withstand the thermal shock and radiation effects of deep space.

As the aerospace and laser optics industries exploded on the scene in the 1970's, so did Dynasil, supplying a line of products known for its purity and high UV transmittance.

In recent decades, new markets have emerged steadily, accompanied by an increased demand for additional high performance products. Today, Dynasil is a vital link in the manufacturing processes of industries around the globe with its products written into the specifications of optical components, lasers, semiconductors, electronics, analytical instruments, energy research and aerospace applications.

Dynasil is uniquely positioned in the 21st century as a full service company, capable of supplying the OEM market with a comprehensive offering ranging from initial design to finished product.

While establishing a reputation as a reliable resource for high performance materials, Dynasil has never lost sight of the fact that technology is driven for and by people; our quest for quality is matched only by a commitment to prompt, professional customer service, knowledgeable technical support and a sincere desire to help our clients succeed in their quest to develop newer, better technologies.