Before requesting prices or ordering, careful consideration should be given to the actual design requirements and print tolerances to avoid over/under-specification and unnecessary material and labor cost.


For Your Convenience:
All Order Inquiries can be E-Mailed or Faxed
Please direct your requests to:
Michael A. Orlando, Jr. - Marketing & Inside Sales Manager or
Bruce Leonetti - VP Sales & Marketing
Fax: (856) 767-6813


DISCS: to 24" diameter, 4.5" thick
SOLID RODS/BLOCKS: to 4.5" in length if cut perpendicular to the major face and 50" if cut parallel to face.
SQUARES/RECTANGLES: to 50" diagonal, 6" thick
CUBES: to 6"

Unless specifically requested, prices quoted are for pieces stated as NOMINAL FINISHED SIZES (NFS) of the respective circles, squares, rectangles or prisms. The actual pieces supplied will be blanks that include a finishing stock allowance.

The finishing stock is +.125" (+/-.040 maximum) on diameter. Pieces 14" in diameter and over may be saw/hex/rough cut at +.125" (+.500, -0) on diameter and +.050" (+.125, -0) on thickness.

Centerless grinding/edging to close tolerances is available on diameters up to 12".

Length, width, and saw cut thickness are given a finishing stock allowance of +.050" (+.125, -0) with an 80 grit minimum finish. Blanchard ground finishes (220 grit) are available featuring dimensional tolerances of +/-.005" maximum.

Blanks with a diameter or diagonal of less than 8.6" and thickness less than .550" may be I.D. saw cut with a thickness tolerance of +/-.002" (maximum) and an exceptionally smooth, flat finish.


We invite inquiries for special sizes and shapes in any grade and in any optical material. Dynasil offers a full spectrum of raw material, and is equipped to cut, core and fine grind precision blanks of virtually any shape, in prototype and production quantities.

Call, fax or e-mail for a price quotation. All orders will be acknowledged at quoted price provided the order is placed within 30 days of the quotation, or as otherwise noted on the quotation. Quantity discounts are usually available on most items. There is a minimum charge of $250.00 per order (effective October 1, 2008).

Orders are subject to credit approval and final acceptance by Dynasil, West Berlin, New Jersey. Payments for individual or partial shipments under any purchase order shall be in U.S. currency net F.O.B. point, packaging included. Payment is net 30 days from date of invoice. Unpaid balances after 30 days subject to 1-1/2% per month finance charge. Orders may not be cancelled except upon agreement by Dynasil and only prior to machining.


All deliveries are FOB West Berlin, New Jersey, unless acknowledged otherwise (see order acknowledgement). Any loss or damage claims should be filed by the purchaser with the carrier. Unless directed otherwise Dynasil will ship by most expedient means of transportation. Shipping and handling fees may be added to final invoice.

The purchaser is liable for all applicable taxes.

Dynasil warrants to the purchaser that the products delivered will conform to customer specifications as referenced in the quotation and/or in the acknowledged purchase order.

Note: The above information is only a summary. Complete terms and conditions of sale appear on our Customer's Acknowledgement.

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